Nutritional Lotions


 Cacao seed (One of many holistic ingredients in Nutritional Lotions)
Cacao seed (One of many holistic ingredients in Nutritional Lotions)

Nutritional Lotions suggests applying a refreshing amount of lotion 2-3 times daily or as needed for maintenance of dry , itchy skin from frequent handwashing, bug bites and stings, mosquito/bug repellent, psoriasis, eczema, keratosis, and/or limestone embedded in the skin from working with concrete.

When treating more advanced skin condition such as age spots or red, scaly hard spots that may be cancerous we suggest keeping out of the sun with a lotion soaked band covering the affected area. Once age spots or red/scaly hard spots go away, continue keeping affected area covered 2-3 weeks with lotion soaked bandage allowing your skin to return to a healthy appearance .

For extreme sunburns or burns of all types, Nutritional Lotions suggests applying a large amount of lotion to cover affected area in a thick paste 1/8 inches thick. Allow lotion to rest over burn for 5-10 minutes before rubbing excess lotion. Re-apply as needed to remove all burning and heat sensation. Continue to apply lotion until your skin returns to a healthy appearance.

What would your dream lotion do for you? To remove all wrinkles, a quick recovery from the pain,  and the heat in your skin from sun exposure or burns. Relief for dry, itchy skin from psoriasis or eczema. Maybe those sun spots or skin cancer that refuses to go away. How about those irritable shaving bumps or Keratosis?

Worried about the Zika virus? Use Nutritional Lotions as a bug repellent while soothing those bug bites and stings. Remove limestone embedded in your skin from working with concrete all day.  Utilizing Nutritional Lotions on these skin conditions begins reducing skin, blood, blood vessel, and nerve inflammations to increase circulation and promote well-being to your skin as well as your mind.

Relax , enjoy a tidal wave of refreshing Nutritional Lotions!