•  Will Nutritional Lotions help with the most common skin ailments and disorders: flaking skin, wrinkles, sunspots, burns, psoriasis and some skin cancers?

Answer: Yes, Nutritional Lotions has helped with all of these and more. However, there are clients that require a more advanced formula of Nutritional Lotions. Yes, Nutritional Lotions will and has been holistically designed in the care of common skin ailments.

  • Does Nutritional lotions help with dark spots?
 Answer: No, Nutritional Lotions is not a bleaching cream, however, some NL users have said that the dark spots on their skin seem to be less noticeable. Our company also has women that have stated their stretch marks seem to be fading.
  •   Can small children use it?
Answer: Yes, some parents have been known to mix with cocoa butter or shea butter for small children, it depends on the sensitivity of your child’s skin. We have seen much success in children and adults alike.
  • Does Nutritional Lotions have Tea Tree oil?
Answer: Yes, and twelve more holistic ingredients, look for the page with the ingredients to make sure you are not allergic to our wonderful array of holistic ingredients. also be mindful that we are working on creating personal blends in the future
  • I have really bad psoriasis all over my body, will your lotion help me?
Answer: Some clients have found relief with Nutritional Lotions. However, Nutrition Lotions has an advanced formula,”Dream Cream” that has shown success in severe cases of psoriasis. Soon our company will be releasing Dream Cream to the public for purchase.

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